Skarabeos Crowdfunding campaign in April 2018 on Indiegogo

Skarabeos will launch its first products via a crowdfunding campaign in April 2018 on Indiegogo. Information and pre-campaign updates will be available here on our website, on our Skarabeos Blog and via our monthly newsletter. Stay tuned for more details to come soon!

Skarabeos is an anti-theft bag and an app.

It protects your personal belongings and provides heightended security in your everyday life.

Skarabeos designs innovative anti-theft bags and accessories. Our bags offer you the highest level of protection to keep your personal belongings and tech safe. Unique functions provide best security for you. And iconic design integrates it seamlessly into your daily life.

Feel safe, enjoy peace of mind with Skarabeos.

Be safe from pickpocketing.

You will get an alarm immediately, if a thief attempts to open your bag.

Avoid theft.

You will be warned instantly as well, if a thief tries to grab the whole bag. The alarm of the bag will be activated as soon as it is taken away from you.

Don't forget your bag.

If you happen to forget your bag somewhere, you will be notified immediately so you can return and get it back.

App for Smartphone and Smartwatch.

Our app connects the bag with your smartphone and your watch so you can receive alarms and notifications on both devices. You can also customize your own settings.


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