Skarabeos @ Pioneers Festival Vienna 2016

Skarabeos will attend Pioneers Festival in Vienna. They selected Skarabeos as one of their 500 most promising Tech-Startups
When: May 24-25, 2016
Where: Hofburg Imperial Palace, 1010 Vienna

Skarabeos @ TechCrunch Disrupt London

We will present our prototype at Disrupt London, December 8, 2015 to investors and press.


Everyday we carry valuable objects with us: digital electronics like laptops, tablets, cameras, phones and personal items as wallets, ID documents, credit cards and many more. But every year, more than 35 million people are victims of pickpocketing. Many are afraid of losing their belongings, valuable items or stored digital data.

Therefore, we founded Skarabeos.

Skarabeos is focusing on bringing the best and most innovative bags to market which detects pickpocketing attempts. We learnt, what a thief doesn't like is attention. So by using smart sensor systems and low-power communication we can preventively alarm the user or his surrounding BEFORE the thief has access to the bag content. Thus, our products help people to avoid theft and loss of personal items and data.


The first time Wolfgang and the guys of Stretchable Circuits met was at Ars Electronica - a festival connecting the design and technology community. So we did and joint our passion and expertise for well-designed and innovative products. In 2013 we received international success and were awarded for the realization of Sporty Supaheroe - one of the very first products using stretchable electronics.

Since then, the team was further working on breakthrough concepts to improve people′s life with Wearable Technology. Now, we are ready to enter the market with a product which helps people to commute, travel or just feel safe when carrying their valuable belongings.



Wolfgang Langeder - Design |   

Wolfgang is a design expert and creative leader. Before Skarabeos he founded Utope, a company for wearable design products and consulting. Wolfgang combines a deep understanding of user needs with design thinking.

Christian Dils - Business Development |  

Christian is a pioneer with over 10 years experience in Smart Textiles. Besides working as an entrepreneur and researcher he likes to connect people and plan and manage projects.

Manuel Seckel - Technology |  

Manuel loves to build things. He really really loves it! Not only, he is an entrepreneur and researcher for many years, he also became an expert for manufacturing processes and technologies. Much less, Manuel holds numerous patents in the field of stretchable electronics.

René Vieroth - System Development |  

René made his life-time hobby into a profession. Born as, grown as and still working as an electronic engineer he became an expert for Wearable Electronics developing several hard- and software related innovations in the field.


VF Futurewear

with Safe Bag 2012

Intel Developer Forum

with Sporty Supaheroe 2013

Red Dot Design Museum

with Sporty Supaheroe 2015

Utopean Bodies

with Sporty Supaheroe 2015


Red Dot Design Award

Best of the Best: category Design Concept 2013

German Design Award

nominee 2015


Functional Aesthetics

Book by Sabine Seymour 2010

New York Times

Interview Haute Tech: Turning the lights on 2011

L′Uomo Vogue

Pictures 2012

The Guardian

Online 2013

Textile Visionaries: Innovation and sustainability in textile design

Book by Bradley Quinn 2013

The Observer

This Hi-Tech sports jacket will let you shine in the darkness 2014

Smart Textiles for Designers

Inventing the future of fabrics 2016

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